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Domain Registration
Domain Registration in Nepal


Mega Web Link offers services like Domain Registration in Nepal, along with many others that are related to website design and development. Many companies who are looking to have a presence online approach us to help them go through the process of domain name registration in Nepal. What makes us different from other domain registration companies is that we treat domain registration very seriously, as it plays a major role in the performance of the website on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). We also offer our clients consultation regarding the kind of domain name that they should go for. When it comes to domain registration in Nepal, we are definitely one of the best companies out there.


What is Domain Name Registration
Before getting to know what domain name registration is, first we need to know what a domain name is. Domain Name is a part of Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which is preceded by World Wide Web (www), and followed by an extension like .com, .org, .edu, and so on.


Domain Name needs to be unique, and once used by someone else, you can’t use it. Also, it needs to relay information about you, whether it’s the name of your company, the name of a person, or the kind of service that you offer. The possibilities for naming a domain are limitless, as long as the name you choose hasn’t already been used by someone else, or some other company.


Domain Name Registration means registering the domain name picked by you in your name, and in order to do so, all you need to do is provide copies of your credentials, along with the domain name fees to the concerned authority. Needless to say that the domain name fees is not standard, so, for different domain names you might need to pay different fees.


When choosing a domain name, you need to careful, and there needs to be significant amount of thinking involved. It needs to be simple enough for the people to remember instantly, and at the same time, it should give you that edge over your competitors in Search Engines. In short, it should be SEO friendly, and should support your SEO campaign.

Choosing a random Domain Name and registering it in your name will prove to be a waste of your time and resources. Instead of getting the mass to come to your website, it would rather confuse them. Domain Name Registration also needs to be renewed every year, else it will be expired. And once it is expired, someone else could register it in their name.


Additional Benefits with Mega Web Link

When your register your domain with Mega Web Link, you get to enjoy a host of added benefits and services. We are the experts when it comes to web development and design, and it always pays off to have an expert on your side.


Picking the Domain Name

As mentioned above, choosing the right domain name can have a great impact on your performance on the SERP. So, you need to put quite a lot of thinking into deciding what domain name to go for. As our customers, we wouldn’t just help you get your domain name registered, but rather, also help you pick a name. Needless to say that it requires quite a bit of research to find a name that would give you the desired results. But we would offer you the consultation anyways.


Getting the Best Offers

We will also help you get the best offers in domain names, so that you get the domain name registered in as less cost as possible. As our clients, we’d like you to have the best of everything. We work to make the process of Domain Name Registration in Nepal quite effortless for you.


Notifications regarding Renewal

It is crucial to always keep a track of the status of your domain registration in Nepal. As mentioned above, you don’t want it to expire, and stay clueless about it. During the expiry period, someone else could have it registered in their name, and this is the worst case scenario. Now, even if something as bad as this may not happen, no one would be able to open your website, during the expiry period. And if your website is a means for you to earn money, imagine all the business that you could lose.

So, we make sure to continuously keep a track of your domain name expiration date, and we notify you quite a few days in advance, so that you could make the right move.


Why Choose Us

Apart from being one of the most experienced and professional web developers and designers, there are so many other attributes that we have that has influenced our clients to choose our services, and continue their partnership with us.



We are a reliable company, and so, you can depend on us for all your needs, especially when it comes to a service like Domain Registration in Nepal. We understand that when our clients benefit we benefit as well, and when they face a loss, it’s a loss for us too. So, we try our best to offer the most amazing work to our customers, keeping in mind their inputs and interests. This is why our clients rely on us.


On-time Service

We have quite the reputation when it comes to offering on-time service to our customers. Especially in case of a service like Domain Name Registration in Nepal, you need to be on-time. If you’re late by a minute you could lose the domain name to some other individual or company. This could be a great loss in the long run, as we’ve already established how important it is for a business to have the right domain name, especially when they’re looking to grow online.

So choose us if you’re looking for a company that is reliable and offers you on-time service. We will make sure to handle the job of domain name registration with utmost responsibility. You’d definitely want to work with us even further.

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