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Facebook Ad Bidding and Optimization


Here you’ll learn about Facebook’s campaign structure and how to set up your budgets for your Facebook Ad Campaign. The nice thing about Facebook’s campaign creation process is that it’s super logical and straightforward. We’ll walk you through all the settings and options in the order they appear in the Ads Manager.

As you go through the campaign setup process, you’ll notice the campaign, ad sets, or ads – it’s that simplified and easy! Up next, we’ll explore each of these ad set elements individually that support fully for Facebook Ad Bidding and Optimization.

Fig: Budget and Schedule for Facebook Ad

How to Set Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign Budget

The first step of the “Budget & Schedule” setup is to assign a budget for your campaign.

Facebook gives you two budgeting options:

1. Daily Budget

Facebook will spend this sum on delivering your ads every day during your campaign. When you set your daily budget, you’re telling Facebook to get your daily budget’s worth of the results every day.

Some days, when Facebook spots high-potential opportunities, it may spend up to 25% more than your daily budget (and then lower the spend on the low-potential days). As you select the daily budget, your daily ad spend could look like a set of curves.

2. Lifetime Budget

Facebook will divide the total campaign budget more or less evenly across the campaign dates. If you set a lifetime budget, Facebook will ask you for the campaign dates, so that it can calculate the average spend for each day.

Fig: Lifetime Budget for Facebook Ad Campaign

We recommend that you set a daily budget and an unlimited campaign duration, so that you can later edit the size of your daily budgets and pause the campaign whenever you see fit.

Important! You can’t change an ad set’s budget type after the ad set has been created. Make sure you make the right selection during the campaign setup.

Ad Delivery Optimization

After you’ve set up your ad campaign’s budget, now you can select the Ad Delivery Optimization Method for your Facebook Ad Campaign. See the example right below:

Fig: Ad Bidding Optimization

The Optimization for Ad Delivery tells Facebook what’s the end goal you’re most interested in. For example:

  • Your goal is to drive traffic to your website, optimize your ad delivery for Link Clicks.
  • You want people to convert on your website, choose the Conversions objective.
  • You want people to install your app, choose the App Install objective.


Facebook Ads Scheduling

Facebook allows advertisers to set up custom ad delivery schedules. So, that your ads will reach people on your chosen weekdays, at your chosen time of day.

Fig: Facebook Ads Scheduling

Facebook Ads Delivery Type

As you’re setting up a Facebook Ad Campaign, the last selection in the Ad Set level is Delivery Type. Here, you can choose between:-

Standard Ad Delivery – Facebook will deliver your ads with the optimal speed at the lowest cost

Accelerated Ad Delivery – Facebook will deliver your ads as quickly as possible, resulting in higher ad costs

Fig: Facebook Ad Delivery

We recommend that you leave the Delivery Type option set to “Standard.” The accelerated ad delivery is mainly relevant to large advertisers with time-sensitive campaigns. Since accelerated delivery optimizes for speed, not value, you may end up with a higher cost per result.

Now that you’ve set up all your campaign elements such as the objective, budgets, ad creatives, ad copy, URLs, etc. you’re ready to click on the “Confirm” button and publish your Facebook campaign.

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