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Facebook Advertising in Nepal


Mega Web Link is one of the most amazing digital marketing agencies of Nepal. We offer all kinds of digital marketing services, and furthermore, we specialize in Facebook Advertising in Nepal. We handle both paid and unpaid Facebook Advertising in Nepal. We understand how crucial Facebook advertising can be for a business, and so, we work efficiently to bring the business to your doorstep,through the medium of Facebook.  Our dedication and the result oriented work that we do, for the progress of our client, make us the best Facebook Advertising Agency in Nepal.

What are Facebook Ads in Nepal

Facebook Ads, as the name suggests, are ads displayed on Facebook. When you post an ad on your page on Facebook, it appears on the news feed of all the users who’ve either liked your page, or followed it. Many companies follow this strategy as this doesn’t involve any kind of payment. All you require is your official Facebook page, and a decent number of users,who’re also, hopefully, your target audience.

You can make your advertisement reach the newsfeed of a higher number of audiences, and in order to do so, you need to go for paid advertisement. By going for paid ad on Facebook, you‘re not just able to target a higher number of audience, but choose the right ones as per the demographic and the kind of product or service you offer.


You can post ads on Facebook on your own, or in case you lack the expertise or knowledge, you can hire a Facebook Advertising Company in Nepal that offers Facebook Advertising Service in Nepal. Now, while it might seem like advertising on Facebook must be simple, but it’s not quite so.


It requires a lot of research to come to a conclusion about the kind of ad that you’ll be posting. Also, picking the right demographic is another challenge that seems easy, but is quite confusing. On top of everything, you require the right kind of skill set to properly handle your account.


When you don’t take all these things into consideration, you’ll not be able to gain as many reaches and conversions as you expected, and moreover, you might land up losing a lot of money on the advertisement campaign.



Why Facebook Advertising in Nepal ?

Facebook Ads in Nepal has taken over the field of digital market, moreover the overall marketing, by the storm. Everyone uses Facebook these days, so it makes sense to use the platform for the company’s benefit. For the following reasons, Facebook Ads is preferred by marketers widely.

Focus on Targeted Audience

Through Facebook paid ads you’re able to target a certain demographic, which is not possible in other forms of traditional marketing. This feature is beneficial for you, especially if you offer a product or service that is used by only a certain group of people. Through Facebook, you can target this specific group, and make your ad appear on the news feed of only these individuals.


Pay only for Clicks and Views

When you advertise on print media or other forms of media, you’re required  to pay on the basis of prints or displays. There is no way to find out whether the ad has reached your target audience, or whether they’ve viewed the ad or not. With Facebook, you only pay on the basis of views or clicks that your ad has received, and you have the option to choose any one of the schemes.


Instant Result and Conversion

Facebook paid ads is beneficial for you also when you’re a small business or have recently opened your business. With traditional marketing, it might takes months for people to realize that your company exists, and further more for you to get the order. With Facebook, as you’re able to reach your target audience, the chances of sales and conversion is higher. Even in the first few days of opening your business, you might receive orders, provided that your approach is spot on.


Why Choose Us

We are the specialists when it comes to Facebook advertisement in Nepal. We have been offering Facebook advertisement service in Nepal for quite some time now. We will post Facebook Ads in Nepal for your business in the most affordable Facebook advertising price in Nepal. Choose our Facebook advertisement services in Nepal for the following reasons.


Team of Experts and Professionals

Our office is composed of a team of social media marketers, who specialize in Facebook boosting in Nepal. We know what needs to be done to get the desired results on Facebook.So, whether you’re looking for a certain number of reaches, or direct conversion, we will initiate a campaign to get you the desired results. Our team has years of experience working with Facebook, and on top of everything, we’ve been able to deliver the results, as per their expectations.


Affordable Service

Generally Facebook advertising agencies in Nepal tend to charge high fees for Facebook advertisement services in Nepal. A lot of times it’s not even worth it. A lot of times Facebook advertising companies in Nepal don’t even guarantee the results, which is not quite the case with us. We charge nominal fees for our services, which you’re sure to find affordable. And you’re sure to feel that the cost as per the services that we offer is quite justified.


Client Satisfaction

Everything that we do is centered towards client satisfaction. A lot of times, it is required for us to deal with clients who don’t really understand Facebook advertising, but even in their case, we tend to take them along with us. We constantly communicate with them, and give them regular updates about what we’re doing. If they have any query, we make sure to address it; if they have any inputs, we try to incorporate them in our best capacity. For us, client satisfaction matters more than anything

Look out for Mega Web Link if you’re planning to work with Facebook Advertising Agency in Nepal, for Facebook Advertising in Nepal.

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