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Facebook Page Management in Nepal


Mega Web Link has been offering Facebook Advertising Service in Nepal for quite some time now. We also offer Facebook Page Management Service in Nepal, which is an important aspect of Facebook Advertising. Facebook Marketing has gained quite a pace in Nepal, as a large number of people here use Facebook. With the help of company’s official Facebook page, a lot of marketing campaigns could be run, focusing on these users. The platform can be used to promote any product or service, or gain conversion. As we realize the potential of Facebook, and can use it efficiently for the benefit of our clients, we are the best Facebook Advertising Company in Nepal.


Facebook Page Management

Creating a Facebook account or a Facebook page is an easy job, even kids can do it. But handling the page is a matter or sheer responsibility. The Facebook page tells everything that you need to know about the company. Their level of professionalism, their dedication towards their work, their quality of service, the client satisfaction level, and so on; a little bit of scrolling can help you retrieve all this information about the company. So, when handling the official Facebook page, the user should be utmost careful and as well as creative. Facebook Page can help you promote your business up to a great extent, and can also ruin your reputation if handled recklessly.

Provided that the company has a Facebook expert, they could handle the job of Facebook Page Management themselves, but in case they don’t, they have the option of hiring Facebook Page Management Agency in Nepal. Since they’re professionals in the field, they’ll make sure to let only the experts handle your official Facebook page, in terms of offering you Facebook page management service in Nepal. Your purpose of creating the Facebook page is not just to promote your business, but also to get some conversion. The marketers at Facebook Advertising Company in Nepal will make sure that you’re able to reach your goal.


List of services provided under page management

There is so much inside Facebook page management when you think about it. All you need to do is think outside the box and you can actually change the fate of the company. The goal is to not just do the regular stuffs like regular postings and collecting feedbacks, but also things like engaging the audience, initiating campaigns, organizing Facebook events and so on.

We offer the following services under Facebook page management.


Manage Regular Posts

The key with social media pages like that of Facebook is to keep reminding people that we’re active. The purpose can be fulfilled with regular posts. This is also a way for the user to engage the followers of the post. Different forms of content both text and media based can be posted to inform, entertain and engage the audience. These actions play an important role in building credibility.

Respond to comments and messages

A lot of times when users have a query, or a remark, they tend to use either the direct message option or the comment option to express themselves. When these feedbacks are not addressed, the amount of response from the side of users decreases. So, keeping the same thing in mind, we make sure to respond to all the comments and messages, so that they know for sure that someone is listening to them, and in the process, also have their question answered.


Campaigns to increase likes and followers

The credibility of the company also depends on the number of followers or likes their page has. So, it’s crucial for the Facebook page management expert to initiate campaigns and events time and again to interest the followers, and also in a way influence them to share the post to other users. Now, if these other users land up liking what we’re doing, they could start following us. With continuous and properly strategized moves, there will definitely be a significant increase in the number of likes and followers.


Paid and Unpaid ads

We also offer paid and unpaid ads service under the Facebook page management service. While unpaid is a way to announce something amidst the followers of the page, through paid ads, the company can reach any user in any part of the country. We help you strategize the ad in a way that it reaches the news feed of your target audience, whether they’re among your followers or not.



Why Choose Us

The most important attribute of ours because of which you should choose our Facebook page management service in Nepal is our expertise in digital marketing and Facebook especially. With our team members, who’ve worked in the field of digital marketing and Facebook page management service in Nepal for years, you can be rest assured that you’ll reach your desired goal.

Choose us for Facebook Page Management service in Nepal for the following reasons.


Result Oriented Service

We take every project as a challenge, and our intention is to help our clients achieve their goal by any means. So whether your purpose is to simply increase the number of likes and followers, or to initiate sales and earn revenue, you can be rest assured that your purpose will be fulfilled when you take Facebook Page Management Service in Nepal from us. All our clients, who’ve worked with us in the past, have been able to get great results, and we feel privileged to have contributed to their growth.


Great level of Involvement

We get completely involved in the projects that we undertake. We go beyond the set of services that we’re meant to offer you, and use our expertise in digital marketing to advice you what can be done to get better results. We take full responsibility for the project and work from different angles to ensure that everything is on the right track, and our clients are nearing their goal, with every passing day.


Choose us for the most amazing Facebook page management service in Nepal. When it comes to Facebook advertising service in Nepal, we are the best Facebook Advertising Company in Nepal.

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