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How to create a Professional Facebook Business Page?


Facebook Advertising in Nepal – Well, if you are about to read this article then you must have already known that there are 2.5 billion monthly Facebook users. Facebook is an easy window to focus on the large picture of the internet world. Among all the social media marketing advertising techniques, Facebook is found to be the most effective advertising technique for any business. Gone are the days where a Facebook business page has very fewer options like timeline, photos, about, and likes. 

This was the structure of a Facebook business page back in the year 2005. As social media kept evolving, so did Facebook.  Below is the picture of a Facebook Business Page at the moment.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

As you can see in the picture there are a lot of tabs on the left with details of different kinds of information which depicts that the businesses have a lot do to maintain a Facebook Business Page. Below is a detailed sequel of steps you need to follow to create an official Facebook Business Page and nail the Facebook advertising in Nepal.

Step 1: Fill Out Your Basic Business Information

Go to

Here, you will find two different options to choose from. You can whether choose your page to be a business page or a community page. But if you are establishing the page for the broader reach of the audience, it is always better to opt for a business page.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Then, click on the get started button which lets you enter the details of your business as shown in the figure below.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Step 2: Add the Profile Image & Cover Image:

Once you fill out the details, you will be asked to choose a profile and cover photo for your business page.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Profile Photo:
  • The ideal dimensions of a profile pic are 170 x 170 pixels in a square format.
  • While choosing a profile photo, it is always advisable to upload your company logo because wherever you comment or publish a post your profile picture is also displayed.


Cover Photo:
  • When it comes to cover pic, the dimensions are around 820 x 462 pixels which is a huge picture as compared to profile pic.
  • The cover pic is a great way to showcase the visual appeal of your brand and exhibit the highlights of your business.
  • It is always better to get the cover pages designed by an experienced designer as it involves a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time.
  • But if you have just started your business and aren’t ready to hire a designer at the moment, you can try some free social media tools Canva, Wix Social Posts, and many others. These tools can also suggest you with the free templates which can be edited with the required text.
  • You might also try inserting video or a sliding picture gallery of your business in the cover image as videos always entice the audience more than images.


Step 3: Fill Out Your page Information Completely

Once you are done with setting a good profile pic and a cover pic for your page, you can carry on with another setting like choosing an appropriate username for your page. The username appears below the profile pic as shown in the figure above.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

A username helps people to find and remember your business page.

Alternatively, you can then click on the “Edit Page Info” section available on the top right corner to fill in other details of your page. Below are the details you will need to fill to complete your page:

  • Description – Describe your products and services or tell what your business does in short of about 255 characters.
  • Contact – In the “Contact” setting, you will need to enter the phone number, website address and email address of your business.
  • Location – Scrolling further, you will get a “Location” section wherein you need to enter the physical address of your store which can help your audience to visit your business if required.
  • Hours – Further, you will have an “Hours”, a section which allows you to enter the working days and hours of your business.


The details you enter here shall be reflected on the about us tab of your page. This allows you to add many other details like products, menu, awards, etc…

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

The Call To Action (CTA) Button:

This CTA button is available in the bottom right corner of the cover photo. You can use this button to redirect to a particular page of your website. Inserting the right CTA can allow your customers to learn more about your business. And, also send a message to you which indeed increase customer engagement.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

The Additional Options:

The best part of Facebook Business Page is that it allows you to have a full level of customization. This feature provides you with the options like “Templates and Tabs”, Notifications, Authorizations, etc…

Templates and Tabs:

The templates option display different types if templates you can use for your page.  You can understand the details of the templates by clicking on the “View Details “button available on the bottom of each template option.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

In the tabs section, you can choose different tabs you want to be appeared on your business page.  Apart from the existing tabs like posts, events, videos, reviews, etc. You can also add tabs like shop, notes, community to showcase your products. Or, announce any contests to excite your audience.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Page Roles:

With the help of this option you can assign the authorization of your page to multiple users. If your business has a marketing team with employees operating from different regions then you can use this feature to grant access to different persons.

Facebook Advertising in Nepal

Here are the roles that you can choose from:

  • Admin – Complete and total access to everything (you are an admin by default)
  • Editor – Can edit the Page, send messages, and post as the Page, create Facebook ads. See which admin created a post or comment, and view insights.
  • Moderator – Can respond to and delete comments on the Page, send messages as the Page. See see which admin created a post or comment, create ads, and view insights.
  • Advertiser – Can see which admin created a post or comment, create ads and view insights.
  • Analyst – Can see which admin created a post or comment and view insights.


Each role you assign has a different level of access to the page as mentioned above. To assign a role to a person, you can type in their mail address or Facebook profile name.

These are a few additional options of the Facebook Business Page. These will get you the desired results of the advertising campaigns you run across Facebook. Now, you have known how to create a Professional Facebook Business Page. Below are a few tips that you can implement to promote your business on Facebook.

Avoid Mistakes:

There are many stories of famous companies that went wrong just because of posting unwanted content on their official page. To avoid this, it is always better to assign roles as discussed above. Also, all the persons assigned with roles should be aware of what, when and where to hit the “Publish” button to publish the posts on the wall. Ensure that every post on the page is published on behalf of the brand and not the person.

Video and Image Content:

It is more engaging to add video content than any other form of content in social media marketing these days. A report from Hubspot suggests that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year.  Customers find it interesting to share a video on any social media platform.   Also, photos that you post help to capture the creative look of your brand. Try to post images and videos regularly to keep your audience updated about the insides of your business. Create live videos once in a while to build trust among the audience. Be sure to organize everything before you go live. It aids to avoid any small mistakes that might happen at the moment.

The Timing Matters:

Timing is an important consideration of Facebook Advertising in Nepal. Because there are various kinds of audiences for various businesses. It is always better to publish the posts frequently to stay authentic, reliable and connected with your audience. Have you ever come across any Facebook Page without a post for months? You probably wouldn’t have. To avoid missing the posts to be published it is always better to schedule your posts. Different scheduling options are available on the page for this purpose.

Pin Them To Top:

There are some important posts of your page which you might always want to be displayed on the top of your page. Facebook has the default algorithm to display posts in the order of the date on your timeline. You can use the “Pin to Top” feature to pin your favorite posts to the top. This feature is available in the top right corner of the post.

This feature can be used to promote the USP’s of your business. Or, the constant discounts you offer on your products.

Monitor Your Page:

Always have an eye on the engagement of your posts. Try to reply to the comments as soon as possible. To respond to the comments faster, change the setting of your page in the Notifications feature. It alerts you with new comments on your posts. Sometimes you will have to delete the negative comments on your page which might put the reputation of your business at stake.

These are a few tips to run your Facebook Business Page which have found to have effective results in many Facebook Advertising in Nepal campaigns. If you have a budget and are really skeptical about creating a page, you can do some research to choose the best Facebook Advertising Agency in Nepal . It can cater all your needs to maintain the page successfully and also run ads on Facebook.


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