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How to get Your first 1000 Likes on Facebook Page?


When it comes to socializing and popular social media platforms, Facebook tops the chart. Facebook is the most popular social networking site around the globe. There are more than billions of active users across the globe who log in at least once in a day. Over the past years, Facebook has transformed itself into a huge platform in order to attract customers.

If you are a business or a blogger you surely will have a Facebook page to share your products and services with the users. Have a guide for creating a professional Facebook Business page in an easier way.

It is very obvious for you to post and update the Facebook pages regarding the services, products, events, and videos, but the most important part is to get traffic. In order to get great huge traffic, you should have a very interactive and popular Facebook page. A Facebook page with more followers and likes is difficult to achieve but not impossible.

Powerful Ideas to get First 1000 Likes on Facebook Page

1.    Inviting Friends:

This is the most basic thing to do before getting started. If you want to increase the Facebook likes and followers begin with inviting your Facebook friends to like and follow your page. This can be done by sending them to invite, Facebook also provides you with an option to send personal invites on the messenger. The “invite friends” option is available on all Facebook pages.

You can easily invite your friends to like your page. Here is a simple method.

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page, tap on the left-hand side. Here, you will be able to notice a small box below the Facebook page’s profile picture.

Step 2: Click on the option “Invite Friends to Like This Page”. You will get the complete list of all your Facebook friends.

Step 3: Tap on the invite button in order to send the invite.

This is a very helpful method to boost Facebook likes and followers. As soon as you add a new friend, you can inform them about your Facebook page by sending them an invite. Facebook also provides an option to invite your friends to like your Facebook page via email.

2. Let your friends invite their friends to like the page:

This is another best option to get huge likes instantly. You can request your friends to visit your page and tap on the option “Invite Friends to like this page”. By clicking on this option, they can send an invite to the people present in their friend list.

Approach only that friend who would really take out time and help you to reach your goals. If you are lucky you can easily get more Facebook page likes and followers by this simple trick.

3. Include a Facebook Like option on your website:

If you have a website or a blog, it is always advisable to include “Facebook Like” option on your website home page. This will convert the occasional visitors into regular readers. In addition to it, you can include a widget or a pop-up box on your website to attract more Facebook likes.

Client: Checkers Pizza

4. Sync The Page With Other Social Media Channels:

Social media is everywhere these days. But, there are various users who opt for different social media channels to browse and scroll across. So, linking your page to different social media handles like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter could be an added advantage to attract users from different social media channels. To add Instagram to your Facebook business page, click on the settings icon and in the drop-down. Click on Instagram to connect your Facebook page to Instagram.

You can also create ads for Instagram on Facebook and respond to comments and messages in Inbox once you start connecting your account to Instagram.

Not only Instagram, but you can also connect your Facebook Business Page to your WhatsApp account as well. In the same dropdown of settings, you can click on Whatsapp to connect your account. Below is a picture of how to do so…

5. Run Contest:

These days, enticing the audience matter a lot. Especially when you page in new, to get the discover-ability social media contests have become the go-to option for every business. These contests usually offer a small prize to winners. This way, the audience gets to see your page to participate in the contest and thus follow your page. On the following, if the users like your page and want to know about your business they can directly message you which can help you interact with initial prospects in the best way.

Client: Checkers Pizza

6. Make the Page entertaining by including Images and Memes:

If you want to increase the Facebook likes and boost the overall user engagement, make sure to post a relevant and clear image along with your post. A post with a picture gets 50 % more likes, 100 % more comments, and 50 to 60 % more shares. Avoid using random photos, always upload the photo based on the niche of your Facebook page.

If you share DIY, make sure to include a high-quality photo collage, this will help the readers to understand step by step procedure.  In fact, a simple hand-drawn cartoon can attract huge Facebook likes.

7. Calculate the Best Time:

When you are planning to post something on your Facebook page, try to work out the best time and then post. The best time here refers to the time when more people are likely to click and check your post. This will also help to increase the overall engagement on posts. There is not only the best time, but there are also the best days to post an update on information to get maximum exposure.

If you are looking for more likes and click, try posting around 3 PM. If you want to update anything on Facebook, try posting it at around 1 PM. You can see the magic happening. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are considered as the best days to notice a hike in the overall engagement on the page. Create a combination of these timings and create the best posting schedule and follow it. You can always try and work out new strategies.

8. Post Quality Content:

People online post ridiculous content and updates on Facebook pages and expect likes and followers in return. If you don’t have anything useful to post, avoid posting. Always share valuable content with the readers, if you are sending your readers to some other website you may tend to lose the followers. The best practice is to recommend the only quality and informative posts with them.

9. The Competitor Analysis:

With the increasing demand for Facebook advertising in Nepal, every business has a page now, to keep you ahead in the race. To do this, have an eye on your competitor’s page as well to get the post ideas on how they have started in the beginning to increase the followers. This can not only help you in getting ideas but also understand the digital buyer journey of some constant followers of your competitor’s page.

10. Make your Audience Feel Good:

Never hesitate to pamper your audience by liking their comments, comment back, share, and give importance to their opinion. Interacting with your fans, this will make them feel special.

Make sure to organize regular giveaway, contest, and share cool prizes with your Facebook page audience. You can notice a huge growth in overall likes and followers on the Facebook page organically.

When it comes to business or an individual profile, Facebook pages always add value and it is a powerful asset. Facebook is a brilliant marketing tool, all you need is a good strategy, high-quality post, and consistency to achieve your goal. For Facebook Advertising in Nepal to get likes and followers organically, follow the above-mentioned tricks and ideas. Get more information about Facebook Advertising in Nepal.

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