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How to optimize Facebook page for SEO?


With the ever-updating Facebook algorithms, there is a lot of buzz going on in the digital world on how to optimize the Facebook business page. Optimizing the Facebook business page is nothing but applying the basic SEO techniques to optimize the page and thus increase visibility across various search engines and Facebook. There are around 80 million Facebook business pages. To stand out as the best page with attractive engagement and followers could be a daunting task.

If you are one among the businesses who own a Facebook business page and aren’t aware of how to optimize your page for SEO, below are a few tips you can follow. All these are practiced by many Facebook advertising agencies in Nepal and across the globe as well. These tips can help you improve the exposure for your business on Facebook and thus reach the desired digital goals of your business.

1. Choose the right name for your page

The name speaks everything about your business. Be cautious while choosing your name as it is the first entity available to focus your target keywords. But do not just directly stuff your keyword into the name of the page. Do not just try to use long names like “Glory’s Booking Tips, Trip, and Exciting Destinations” wouldn’t do any favor just because it has the relevant keywords in it. It just gives a spam appeal to your page. Instead, try targeting one of the best long-tail keywords with high search volume.

You must select a unique name that describes best about your business offerings and services. It is better that you try to avoid generic names like sports, entertainment, health care, etc. Because Facebook has been disabling the pages with generic names as they tend to create confusion among the users.

2. Claim a Vanity URL

Well, URL has always been one of the effective ways to dive into the traffic to any page or website. Vanity URL is a custom URL that allows customers to find your page with more ease and convenience. It is usually used to redirect URLs from one direction to another direction. By claiming your “vanity’ URL and customizing it to match your company’s name, you’ll receive a significant SEO boost. Thus, it directly optimize Facebook page for SEO.

3. Enhance your About tab

As soon as any user lands into a Facebook page, they go to the about the tab to check the information regarding any business. So make sure that you include your USPs and highlight your achievements in this tab. Facebook limits the character limit of the description to be 155 characters. But you need not worry; you can use it effectively to forecast the “Why “of your business. You can also insert a couple of relevant keywords in the description to make the content keyword rich. Apart from the description, there are details like Business Info, Contact Details, and also the Story section.

If you can see in the example below Mega Web Link has used keywords like “digital marketing agency”, “website design” and also “Facebook advertising” which are indeed the highlights of their business.

4. The Custom Tabs:

You don’t always have to limit yourself to regular Facebook tabs like About, Videos, Events, and Posts. The templates option available while creating the page lets you create different tabs as per your level of customization. As you grow as a business, it happens that you have a lot of content to share your audience and the content may not always be the same.  To address the growing opportunities of your business and also the large audience it is important for you to create these tabs to successfully segregate your posts with different kinds of content.

Creating these tabs can help your followers easily navigate your page for different products, videos, reviews. Thus your audience will now be able to land on your page with more ease and convenience through both search engines and Facebook. As you can see in the picture below, Checkers Pizza has introduced a community tab to which allows the customers to share their experiences with Checkers. Tabs like these can help in increasing engagement among the audience which can be an easy way to retain the followers.

5. Add a CTA (Call to Action) Buttons to your Page

This CTA button is available in the bottom right corner of the cover photo. This button can be used to redirect to a particular page of your website. In the picture below, Mega Emporium is an e-commerce company that deals with selling personalized gift items online so they have opted for a “Shop Now “, CTA which redirects the users to their website. Inserting the right CTA can allow your customers to learn more about your business and also send a message to you which indeed increases customer engagement.

Thus these CTA buttons can be a great way to increase traffic to your website via the Facebook page. These buttons also help you gather information about your potential leads. Try implementing the effective CTA buttons to get desired results and generate revenue for your business.

6. Try Gaining Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one more powerful tool to leverage traffic for your Facebook Business Page. It is a known fact that getting quality backlinks boosts up the page ranking and domain authority of any page which in turn helps in the better ranking of Search Engine Page Results (SERP). Getting backlinks to a Facebook page might be little but it is not impossible.

One best way to get backlinks to your Facebook page is to try influencer marketing. You can reach out to influencers who would be willing to post about your page in their blogs. This increases the credibility of your page and also builds trust among the audience. Another wise thing to do is try to incorporate your Facebook page link in your blogs so that whenever your blog is posted across any relevant source, you can get a backlink for your Facebook page.

7. Local SEO

To index your business on local Google search it is better to include the physical address of your business on your about section so that your business shall be indexed in the SERP’s. If you have multiple branches of your business, you can include the address of your headquarters on your page.

In the below image One Door Solution mentions the physical location of their business along with the contact number and mail address. Acknowledge the importance of the relevant business information in Google citations, directories, and other sources for business information that the users use to browse on Google. Make sure that you update the changes in your business information now and then to improve your Facebook Page SEO optimization.

8. Content Strategy

As the saying goes “Content is the King of Any Marketing Strategy”,  try to post genuine content in your post which can not only educate your audience but also entertain and generate interest in your business. As per the Facebook SEO stats, it is better to start your post with the keyword in the first eighteen characters which are used as Meta descriptions by Google. Try to include these keywords in your post description to favor the search engine. Also, find the right hashtags for your business so that you can increase your user reach which is followed by increased engagement.

9. Start Using Facebook Insights to Analyze Your Content

What is SEO without measuring the results with analytics? It is the same for even a Facebook Business Page. Click on the insights tab on the top of the page to measure the page likes, actions, and even the page performance during a course of time. On doing this, you can get clear info of what, where, and when to post on your Facebook page. The best part of monitoring your metrics is that you can find trends in engagement to know what type of content engages your audience.

If you have started your Facebook page and are wondering how to optimize it for SEO, you can try all of these essentials to rank high.  All these have found to give the best results for many businesses till date. These are also followed by many successful Facebook advertising agencies in Nepal.

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