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How to Plan your Monthly Facebook Page Strategy?


Being on Facebook and posting the updates is not only the thing needed for its reach and engagement to the audiences. It needs proper plans about how you are going to excel in it. Proper plans with excellent implementation techniques are the key to success while you are on the way of creating and boosting your Facebook pages. Whether it is the small, medium, or large scale business you are trying to promote via Facebook, always plan monthly Facebook Page Strategy.

Besides, many people do not know about the way to plan a strategy and post randomly. But proper planning generates higher reach and engagement. Planning a strategy contributes to time consistency, effectiveness, promoting new audiences and boosting fan base, reaching the overall expectations, and mapping out the guide for future performances. Planning the strategies in a proper way aids to know what works and what does not while you are advertising through Facebook pages.

Thus, let’s have a look at some of the tips about how to plan a monthly Facebook page strategy.

Set Goal

It is the most basic and greatest step while planning a strategy for your Facebook Page. It is far away better than moving randomly with no particular measures and destination. If you are on the path to generating a higher engagement rate or primarily for sales purposes, then you should have an articulated goal for a monthly period. Your goal should be:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A  Attainable

R  Realistic

T  Timely

Thus, your goal for your Facebook Page should be specific and measurable (can think and measure in numbers), attainable (do not expect 5 million likes and 50% sales up overnight), realistic (start with a small goal and be certain on one field), and timely (goals should have time to accomplish so it’s easy to adjust and analyze). Always have your goal crystal clear before planning any strategies for your business on Facebook.

Further for reaching the goal, audiences’ reach and engagement play a vital role. The major techniques to achieve that are as follows:

Publish Frequently for Overall Better Engagement

Almost all popular brands publish 4 to 5 posts every day. It is also a key to their successful engagement rate. With this, the success rate is guaranteed. But it is not sure to advantage with it at a higher or slower pace. Try with posting 5 contents per day. But if you cannot do so, publish a least 1 content a day. Consistency is a key. So, it is not recommended to post 5 contents per day in a quarter of a month and do not post any contents in remaining days. It will rapidly decrease the engagement rate.



Publish Short Videos

Publishing the videos of time no more than 2 minutes – is highly prescribed to enhance the engagement rate on Facebook. Looking over the video format, vertical videos are more liked by Facebook users. Than the horizontal videos and are considered “More Creative” ones.

These will always contribute to generating and enhancing reaches and engagements on your page. Thus, always look over the engagement criteria and set the engagement rate you want to achieve before you plan monthly Facebook Page Strategy.

Know about your Audience

Audiences are the gods. They are the main aspects of determining your success or failure in the business. You need to take care of them with all means possible. After determining your goal on the Facebook page, you need to focus on people to whom you will be advertising about your brands.

Make sure to keep track that you are reaching your targeted audience efficiently. Targeted audiences refer to a particular age group, community, interests, personality, and preferences.

Make sure that your posts and publications do not offend people. Be careful that it does not create any controversies and is illegal in the region you are active with your business. Also, make content in such a way that audiences would engage in it and demand more of it. Thus, knowing and targeting the audience with relevant content is another prime Facebook Page Strategy.

Encourage Short Videos as a post with other Contents

With the broad view and interest of the audiences, having short videos or clips as a post is recommended more over other types of content. This trend has become so popular for a few years that it has earned its own phrase “Pivot to Video”.

According to the statistics, many big and small companies had engaged in videos while it rose, without any further content. It led them to a loss of around 60% in the business. As the audiences like to watch the short videos rather than lengthy ones, keep them short, simple but informative.

Following this trend is great and leads to success on Facebook. However, it is better to test it personally. And, measure and evaluate the result according to your business and overall achievements. Also, make sure that it would be beneficial for your business or not, rather implementing it as a blind strategy.

Create Content Outlines

What kinds of content will you share with your audience? Here are some of the questions that you should be answerable before creating the contents.

  • How will these contents help your audiences relative to your business?
  • What types of media (picture, video, slideshow, polls, etc) will you use?
  • How can these contents hold your audience and engage them on this post in your page?

Plan your content and create its outlines before presenting it to your audiences. Also check whether they are relevant for your page audience or not.

Gather Resources

With proper resources, creating a Facebook Page Strategy is much more fun. Using the available tools and techniques lead towards vast and wide vision on gathering the resources and planning further. It requires the involvement of multiple companions.

In Google, you might find various resources for your content creation. Some are: Artwork (Pablo, Canva, etc), images (Pixabay, Pexels, etc), videos (Create GIFs, Create them from scratch, etc), and for determining post schedule (Sprout Social, HootSuite, etc). You can use other easy-to-use tools as well.

Always consider your budget and number of individuals working for it. But if you are solo in the run, consider your budget and work on your goal consistently with suitable approaches.

Plan Engaging Ads

Alongside the relevant content, engaging and conversion ads also play a vital role in promoting the business and products. Facebook ads can be the image, video clips, slideshow, etc depending on its objective. Keep your target audience in mind that could be the possible customer from followers. It can help for lead generation or conversion campaigns. This may include apps or games download and installation, encouraging event responses, generating website traffic, creating polls, and so on.

Thus, planning engaging ads will likewise help to strategize for your Facebook page.

Aim for Higher Brand Awareness

Facebook Posts should always focus on two things: relevancy and cost-effectiveness. It will promote brand awareness among targeted audience as well as other public. What works best and what does not work, should also be recognized. Contents should be recognizable but should avoid redundant content i.e. always have the new and relatable ones. While you aim for enhancing brand awareness among people, it will assist in planning the monthly Facebook Page strategy.

Research and Reality Check

Success in social media is not always constant. So, it is a must research what’s trendy and authentic; and of course, it is great to achieve the targeted goal for a period of one month. Having answers to the following questions always helps to plan the strategy and work accordingly.

What is the purpose of your brand on Facebook?

How will you track ROI (or Cost per Customer) from Facebook?

What are the key success indicators that you will use on Facebook?

Knowing everything that you want from this social platform, with both active and passive audiences, will always lead to a successful strategy building for your Facebook page.

With Facebook page analytics, you will be able to know about your success and progress on the page. You will observe the following with this analytic:

  • Content management for more engagement and interaction
  • Get an insight into your audiences

When you get the analytics regarding the progress of the page, you can act further accordingly. Regular monitoring is essential for this as the analysis statistics keep going up and down.


Facebook is one of the best social platforms where billions of people all around the world are centered. Almost every individual spends 2 to 2.5 hours a day on average. With the rapid and familiar closure of people to this media, around 68% of the business all around the world and 45% of businesses in Nepal have exposure to audience through this. This is quite huge in number!

With these steps on hand, you can start planning and plotting the monthly Facebook Page strategy. Have a greater number of reaches and engagements on your posts, with these techniques for how to plan monthly Facebook Page Strategy. Knowing what are the Major KPI’s for Facebook will help a ton to plan monthly Facebook Page Strategy and glorify brands as well.



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