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Search Engine Optimization in Nepal


Mega Web Link is one of the fastest rising SEO Company in Nepal. We are known for the amazing website development and design services that we provide, and as a result oriented SEO Company in Kathmandu. With the rise in the number of our customers, and the success that we’ve received in the sector of SEO, we’re paving our way towards becoming the best SEO Company in Nepal. If you’re looking for SEO service providing company, at a great price, well, look no further, as we are an affordable SEO Company in Nepal.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO is a set of techniques used by webmasters all over the world to help Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on, index a certain website, and display it on the top of their Search Engine Result Page (SERP), when a user looks for some information, product or service related to the website. It’s a race out there with companies competing with each other to get the first prize, which in this case is being ranked on the number one position on Google and other search engines.


Now, this is something that’s not easy. It takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication for a website to gain such a position. Webmasters especially need to be very careful about what they’re doing. They need to plan everything, and follow the techniques in the right way in terms of carrying out their plan.


Needless to say, there are many black-hat techniques that webmasters could use to gain that edge over its competitors, but these are absolutely illegal in the books of Google and other Search Engines. Following these techniques can cause the website to get penalized by these sites. So, the webmasters needs to put special thought into all this.


There are so many aspects in SEO that needs to be focused upon. There’s on-page SEO, which means all the activities that we do on the website, and then there’s off-page SEO, which means all the work that we do outside the website. In the same way, SEO activities need to be complimented by other online marketing activities. Together, they can work wonders for your website.


Why Search Engine Optimization

Now, since it’s established that the main reason why it’s crucial to do SEO in a website is because it can help bring the site on the first position of SERP of one or multiple Search Engines. However, there are so many other benefits of doing SEO in a website. These advantages work together and lead you to your desired goal.

Overall High Quality Product

A website that is SEO optimized is a high quality product. A site like that is well designed, with great content, navigation, and other factors. A well optimized site is designed keeping the user experience in mind. When you SEO optimize a site you pay great amount of attention to details like the look and feel, site speed, relevant content, and so on, and all these elements make your website a quality product.

High Number of Visitors

Whether the purpose behind optimizing your site is to promote your company, or to increase the sales, none of it can be achieved if you don’t get visitors. SEO can help your website gain quite a lot of visitors. The websites that rank high on SERP build a great level of credibility among internet users. So, they tend to visit only the sites that appear on the first page, or particularly, on the top few positions. If your website is ranked at the top, you can expect these visitors to visit your site.

Effective Promotion and Increase in Conversion

When you have a decent number of visitors to your website, whatever you’re looking to promote reaches the screens of these visitors. This kind of promotion is quite effective as you can track how many visitors have been on your individual web pages. You can then start campaigns to convert these visitors into prospective customers. It’s a slow and steady process, but once you reach this phase, you’d never want to look back, as your website would start generating sales at a decent rate.


Why Choose Us

To have a properly optimized website, you need to work on it every day. You need to be creative about the tactics, and contribute to each and every aspect of your website in a steady manner. Even after the optimization process is completed, you need to continue working on the website, as getting the result is an extremely slow process. Not everyone would work for you the way we do. You need a dedicated team to work on your website to have it optimized properly, and that’s where Mega Web Link comes to play. Choose our SEO optimization services for the following reasons.


Team of Experts and Professionals

Our SEO teams are composed of experts and professionals, who have years of experience working in the field. They know exactly what to do to get the desired results, and how to satisfy our precious clients. Through the help of our experts and professionals, we’ve helped a lot of companies attain the results that they rightfully deserve, which we hope to continue in the days to come as well.


Credible and Trustworthy

We have been an SEO company in Nepal for quite some time now, and during this period, we have been able to gain high level of credibility and trust from our customers. You can trust us to deliver a product that you’ll love and adore, and believe in us to help you achieve your goals through the process of SEO optimization. Our credibility lies in our performance, and the result we’ve been able to deliver.

Centered towards Client Satisfaction

Apart from developing a high quality product, and acquiring the results for our customers, what matters to us the most is their satisfaction. We make sure to communicate with you regularly, and take your feedbacks, so that you consider yourself as a part of the website development process, which you definitely are. We’re willing to rework on the product, from all aspects, and reconsider our plans to suit your satisfaction. It matters to us greatly.


Look out for us for all the services related to SEO. In terms of collaborating with us, you’re sure to recognize us as the best SEO Company in Nepal.

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