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Social Media Marketing for Hotels & Resorts in Nepal


With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. awareness and promotion of brands / businesses have become easier. It has turned important to be on these platforms in order to connect with thousands of people worldwide. As for hotels and resorts, Social media marketing plays a vital role in being known. And at least get noticed among the crowd.

Hotels and resorts are places where people go to spend quality time either alone or with friends and family. They need a perfect place to halt. And for that, they search for different unique destinations in social media first, and then on Google.

When social media marketing is done, there is a high chance that posted content and your overall brands pops-up on the top. With great content, advertisements, and promotion, your reach towards audiences enhances with a lesser investment of money. Furthermore, it aids in boosting leads and sales, knowing what’s working and what’s not, connecting with audiences in a huge mass, marketplace awareness, improving brand loyalty and credibility, healthier customer satisfaction, increased ranking and traffics, understanding audiences, and providing services to them, and so on.

Overall, Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts is important in Nepal to connect with a large number of people. Now you know it’s important, but might be confused about ‘how’ to do it. Here are some of the tips for Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Resorts in Nepal.

Have Unique Social Media Strategy

It is the first step to take while going through the social media marketing pathway. Proper planning is a must to achieve social media success goals. Initially, realize who is your audience and their matter of interest. Also, choose the social platform that you want to promote your business on, create calendars on what you must achieve till the end of any tenure, categorize audience demographics, and social media influencers, you want to triumph over. Spend healthy time on strategy making so that the overall path would be set for future reference.

Set Specific Goals

Where do you want to see your hotels & resorts at the end of a month, a year, or years? It is what a GOAL specify. It is important to set a goal and act accordingly to achieve what you’ve aimed for. While setting goals don’t be specific to likes and followers, rather think about growing your business and brand visibility. Focus on inviting general people to come to your place rather than just getting like/comments and scrolling away.

Have a Complete Profile on Social Media and Optimize it

You are on a social media platform and your profile is not updated – sounds imprudent right? To let your customer know about you, complete the profile that let them know about you. It is ok that you do not want to give full-explained details. Simple but actual information would work for you. Such as the name of your hotel and resort, contact details, address (we recommend to add Google Map for easy location discovery), opening and closing hours, major services, and so on. It will indirectly motivate audiences to know more about you and your brand.

Post Creative Contents

Content is the KING. How your business performs also depends upon what you post. Thus it is essential to have proper research about what content to post. These contents should catch the eye of the audience and let them engage with it. Some of the contents that you should focus on are Images, Videos or GIFs, local events and program clips, offers and discounts, and so on. Also, use trending hashtags of your niche to reach more audiences. Show-off your hotels/resorts and the products you offer and give them reasons for visiting your place. Posting creative content is the best idea for achieving this success goal for your hotel & resort business.

Do not post too much

We agree that it is important to post but not too much. The optimal posts for social media are SEVEN in a week or at most two on a day. Posting boosts the page and offers exposure towards more people, but posting beyond limit creates irritation in audiences. It’s more likely to getting spammed as well. And of course, you do not want to come under the Spam list of social media.

Consistency is a Key

Do not post too much but keep posting consistently. Schedule your posts to publish in specific dates and time, and let it reach the targeted audience at right time. When you have a fixed time to go ON, customers are likely to visit your profile at that exact time in hope of getting something fresh and unique too. In this hotel & resort business, it is essential to reach to customers consistently. Rather than going off weeks and posting all together at once expecting them to engage. It won’t work at all.

Run Ads (Advertisements)

Ads work like an atom bomb in boosting the posts and reaching a huge number of audiences. It takes a few amounts of money to run ads. But it’s worthy and leads your business to a height even in a shorter period of time. Other importance of running ads during Social media marketing for your restaurants and hotels in Nepal are: built-in re-targeting features, reach to a specific audience, organic reaches/visibility and traffics, and so on.

Interact with your Audience

Continuous interaction with the audience is another best thing one can do to keep in continuous touch with current and potential audiences. Take time to reply to messages and queries of the audience, reply to their comments, share their posts regarding your niche, and so forth!  Likewise, use hashtags to keep the conversation under certain topics and keep a proper record of it. Interacting with the audience builds their interest and credibility too. It’s beneficial in knowing what’s working and what’s not as well.

Hotels and restaurants are some of the best businesses in Nepal that contribute about 30% of the total economy of the country. With proper social media marketing, they can reach a large audience circle. It determines their success and failure rate as well. The more a brand is famous in social more, the more will they have visits on their site! Because of this reason, different social media marketing agencies in Nepal are giving their time to promote the local hotels and resorts businesses with different SMM techniques.

Mega Web Link Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best digital marketing companies in Nepal that are proficient in social media marketing, search engine optimizing, advertising, and more. Contact us freely anytime anywhere for branding your hotels and resorts in the vast local and international hospitality market. We are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Despite hotels & resorts, if you have a restaurant business and wish to expand its brand awareness, visit Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in Nepal.

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