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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in Nepal


Social media marketing for restaurants in Nepal is an essential part of brand awareness and promotion for the overall business. Different social media platforms are famous in Nepal, among which most authentic are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In the past, people used to utilize this platform to connect with their friends and family, but it’s not the case now. It is widely and wisely used for brand promotion and social awareness. Different social media marketing companies stand out to assist their clients to top on this business making them visible to possible/targeted clients.


In Nepal, social media marketing for restaurants is in high practice. Let’s check out why and how SMM should be carried out for your fooding and feeding business in Nepal.

Why Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in Nepal?

There are various pros of social media marketing despite having lots of limitations. Some of the benefits of Social Media Marketing for Restaurant in Nepal are as follows:

Improves Customer Service

In the restaurant business, it is very essential to reach people letting them know about their products and business. Social media marketing enhances the visibility of the brand to both current and potential customers. Reviews, feedbacks, personal chat messages, and continuous flow of information increase the reach and engagement of customers on any social media platform.


Social media can be installed on a phone or used on a browser for free, so yes, it does not take any penny to create a profile and connect with current and potential audiences. But it needs some payment for a few advertisements but that can pay off with creative researches and continuous interaction with audiences. Thus in a negligible amount of money, your restaurant business can boom to the top.

Brand Awareness

Social media is your best friend if you are thinking to reach out to your customer more and more and grow your business sustainably. This tactic is popular among all either its multi-national companies or small startups. Nothing offers better brand awareness than a social media platform. Various contextual posts like photos/graphics, videos, advertisements, etc. benefit your business getting more exposure to the outer world.

Targeting Potential Customers

Different social media users have different interests. To satisfy that, these social platforms have an algorithm to filter posts/brands and deliver them to interested people. Accordingly, when social media marketing of your restaurant is done with contextual publications, the possibility of it reaching to dedicated audience becomes higher.

Reach to the New Products

If you are introducing your new products – be it a new recipe, dishes, or franchise of your restaurants, it is easier on the social media platforms. With certain posts and publications on social media, your product can simply reach to your targeted audience with lesser effort and money. How to post and when to post are to be determined by suitable research, though.

Social Media Marketing allows all these features to operate, for sustainable growth, apposite brand promotion, and supervision of your restaurants in Nepal.

How Social Media Marketing for Restaurants?

Some techniques are always involved to do anything in the right way. Similar is the case with marketing your restaurants with Social media platforms. Here are some of the basic but most-essential factors for SMM that every digital marketing agencies possess.

Step 1: Have Complete Restaurant Social Media Profile

At first, create a complete business profile for your restaurant on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Here, provide the whole information such as name, optimal goal, services, physical address (including Google Map is recommended), phone number or any contact details, opening and closing hours, and so on. We also advise you to allow reviews and adding Call-to-action like ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Book Now’ sections. It lets the audience know you and creates curiosity about you and your facilities.

Step 2: Create Relevant Posts

Knowing what to post is crucial for audiences’ engagement and boosting their interest. Be specific to what you should post or how you portray your details to your clients. When you have a restaurant business, your publications should be specific to that only. Getting confused about what to post? For better impact, you can post the following:

Posts Suggestions
  • Images of cuisines, restaurants, food items, events, backgrounds, happy customers’ face
  • Videos of restaurants, dishes, behind the scenes, spice tips, staff interaction, customer reviews, etc.
  • Post food/restaurant memes (humor is great)
  • Share food posts of your customers

But make sure that your post encourages customers either for reaching and engaging on your post, or to arrive at your location and taste your food.

Step 3: Host Social Media Contests and Review Session

Social media contents and reviews are great for customer engagement and brand promotion. Run creative contests weekly or monthly, depending on your flexibility. In addition, add prizes, gifts hampers, or special discount offer for winners that will encourage them more to see and react to your posts. Just, be creative with the content.

Step 4: Post on Appropriate Time

Time actually matters. Thus, you should post at the right time when your potential audiences’ reach and engagement will be high. 7 AM, 12 PM, and 15 PM are the standard time for posting, as psychologically social media users are likely to open their profile and scroll over at this meantime. Endorse Breakfast Special, Lunch Special, and Dinner Special Posts at this time to catch the eyes of strollers.

Step 5: Interact with Customers

Regular interaction with customers raises their interest in you and your brand. It encourages them to review you or simply communicate with you more and more. Interacting with customers allows you to know about your lures and flaws that you will be able to maintain in the near future. As a result, overall business performance and standard enhances.

Step 6: Food Blogs Outreach

Today is the era of blogging and vlogging – people love it, however. You can share your blogs or vlogs on social media. In addition, you can reach to social media influencers and ask them to review your restaurant and products as well. Their review matters as they have higher outreach to mass, which can basically influence them to reach and eat.

Step 7: Create and post Social Media Ads

With social media ads, your reach to the customers, increases. You can target your audience by age group, location, likes, follows, interests, and run advertisements according to that. Special offers, brand promotion, festive seasons, live music and sessions, etc. are also trending advertisements nowadays.

Step 8: Stay Updated to the Latest Trends

Social media keeps updating with time. Different formats and features keep on upgrading that makes the user interface more exciting and kind of want-to-use. It is a must to stay tuned to the updates and yield moves according to that. Some of the on-going trends are stories (on Facebook and Instagram), Video contents or GIFs, social media e-commerce, micro-influencers, the rise of TikTok, classic and updated modes, schedules, and so on.

Step 9: Monitor Reach and Engagement Rate

Regular checking of analytics and monitoring performances of posts is necessary to know what’s going right and what’s not. Different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that one should regularly measure are likes/comments/shares, impressions/reach, engagement rate, clicks per post, organic versus paid results, audience mentions and demographics, and so forth. It indicates overall success (rise and fall) of your posts and business brand.

Step 10: Create Brands

Branding is essential for customers to know about you. It reassures your identity on the market that is perceived by audiences. For branding purposes, you can have your own brand-theme color, logo, and taglines for your representation and simple but impressive way of communication. Storytelling – sharing highs and lows is correspondingly supportive of this tenacity.


Today social media is not only used to connect with friends and family but also to promote brands and businesses. It is an opportunity to connect with hundreds and thousands of people worldwide and let them know that you exist. For restaurants, it is a boon. People love to eat and if they like the taste, they will come again and again for the same items and palates. Promote it wisely with suitable research about what audiences actually want and what you should essentially execute. If you do it correctly, you can lead this RESTAURANT field with quality food recipes and of course, thorough Social Media Marketing. Also, grab some information about Social Media Marketing for Hotels & Resorts in Nepal.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company in Nepal is the best deal for achieving your virtual awareness and promotion goals. Remember Mega Web Link Pvt. Ltd. for this. We acquire expertise, especially for this purpose!!!

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