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Mega Web Link is an ultimate choice for businesses when it comes to services related to website design in Nepal. We put a lot of thought into web design in Nepal, and our sole objective is to help our clients reach their goals through the medium of their website. Probably, that’s the reason why we’re the best website designing company in Nepal.


Basics of a Website Design in Nepal

We all know how crucial having a website is for businesses. Having a website gives you an access to the digital world, and an online presence can save you a lot of resources that you’d have otherwise spent on different kinds of promotions and advertisement. Through your website, you don’t just promote your business, but also improve your sales.

A website needs to have certain qualities for it to attract and retain the visitors. It should have interesting and genuine text, high resolution relevant images, great design and ease of navigation. In addition to all these features, if SEO strategies are implied to develop the website, it will also perform well in Search Engines.

Websites are generally built for two purposes. The first one is promotion or branding, and the second one is conversion or sales. When you choose our services, you go one step further in terms of fulfilling your purpose. With our help, you won’t just have a good looking website, but also the one that operates the best way and gives you the desired result.


Our Website Design Process

A website is the reflection of the company. When an individual visits a website, he should be pretty much clear about what the company stands for. It’s quite easy for the visitors to figure out whether the company is professional or not, whether it cares about its customers or not, and whether it can be trusted or not. The visitors judge a website through its design, content and navigation. And therefore, quite bit of thought needs to be put into the process of building a website.

Brainstorming – Design and Content Plan


The website design process starts with a brainstorming session where we take into consideration major aspects of the company. These elements include company’s objectives and principles, their history and the services, their brand – the color, logo, motto, and so on. Keeping all these things in mind we design a content plan and theme to be used in the website. This is the most crucial stage in the website development process, as it will decide the fate of the site.

Incorporating Inputs from the Clients


A major part of the website designing process is regular communication between us and our clients. We sit with them and get to know their preferences. We also motivate them to offer inputs. We then mold their thoughts into the design and the content to give them a website that appeals to them. As the website is the reflection of the company, we pay attention to small details. Our intention is to make it look as professional and soothing as possible.

Website Development with SEO  Optimization


Website Development process doesn’t just end when the product is ready. As mentioned above, we also make sure that the site is up to the mark from marketing perspective. The websites that we build are optimized in a way that it is easier for Search Engines to index it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another major part of the development process, and we tend to follow significant SEO techniques to make sure that the website ranks high in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Online Marketing


And finally, in the end, what’s left is the online marketing part. Just because the site is up and running doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the desired result in no time. Even after incorporating SEO related elements on the website, the Search Engines take some time to index it, and show it on their first page. So, to boost this process we need to carry out the other strategies of Online Marketing. When all these steps are carefully followed, you can expect to have great results in a comparatively less amount of time. Whether you’re looking for visitors, high rank in SERP, or conversion.


Why Choose Us


Mega Web Link is one of the top names in Nepal, when it comes to Web Design in Nepal. The quality of our services, and the results that we’re able to produce make us the best website designing company in Nepal. We put our clients forward, and prioritize their satisfaction, and that is why we’re always remembered for website design in Nepal. There are so many website development company Nepal, but what makes us stand apart is the dedication and passion that we have for our work.

Choose Mega Link Nepal for Web Design in Nepal for the following reasons:

Affordable Service


We offer the most amazing web design charge in Nepal. You will not believe the range of services that we offer in such a nominal price. Considering the quality of our end product, and the amount of effort that we put into it, our prices could be marked at fairly decent.

On-time Service


The one thing that matters to us more than anything is offering the product to our client on-time. We understand the value of time, and the fact that delay in our work could cause you to lose valuable customers. So, we keep that in mind to offer you on-time service.

Quality Service with Support


As mentioned several times, we prioritize quality in our websites more than anything else. Our efforts are driven towards offering you an end product that doesn’t just have a good look and feel, but also the one that operates well. Also, we offer you indefinite amount of support after the product is delivered to guide and assist you with the functionalities.

For all our positive attributes mentioned above and many more that you’ll discover while you work with us, choose us for website design in Nepal, or any other website development related services.

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