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Web Hosting in Nepal
Web Hosting Company in Nepal


Mega Web Link offers a wide range of services related to websites. From Website Design in Nepal to Facebook Ads in Nepal, Google Ads in Nepal, YouTube Ads in Nepal, Search Engine Optimization in Nepal, Domain Registration in Nepal and many more,we have it all covered. Another aspect of web development and design that our company handles is web hosting in Nepal. We offer web hosting services in Nepal with excellent features, at a very exciting web hosting cost in Nepal. In terms of offering web hosting services, we also provide consultation regarding which web hosting package is best suited for your website. This makes us one of the best web hosting companies in Nepal.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service where a company offers you to store all the data and information, which is used by your website, in exchange for a certain service charge. All that data is stored in a powerful server that is always on and is connected to the internet at all times. So, whenever a user opens your website, he gets connected to that server, and that’s how he’s able to access all that information. Now, all this might sound quite simple but there are so many technicalities involved in it.


When you choose a hosting service, you choose it on the basis of the storage capacity. Which means that the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price. Hosting packages also specify the amount of traffic that it can handle. So, you only pay for a certain amount of traffic during a specified period of time. Which means that the higher the traffic handling capacity, the higher the price.


There are so many types of hosting available out there, and depending on the needs and the features offered in these types, you could choose the right one for you. These are Standard Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting.


In standard shared and dedicated hosting, all your data and information is stored in one server, which is located in one specific part of the world, whereas in cloud hosting, all that is stored in multiple servers located in different parts of the world. Depending on the kind of hosting, the price differs. For instance, dedicated hosting is certainly more expensive than standard shared hosting. In case the cloud hosting, the package cost is somewhat near standard shared hosting.


Before choosing web hosting, it is crucial that the company understands their needs. They might land up over paying for a service even when they don’t need all those resources. And at the same time they could land up choosing a package that’s too small for their needs. This could adversely impact the functionalities of their website.

Why Choose Us

There are so many things that make us one of the best web hosting companies in Nepal. There are quite a few web hosting companies out there, so if you’re not satisfied with one’s services, you can always go for another. Our clients have been taking services from us from years, and they continue to do so, all because of the quality of hosting that we offer, and the expert advice regarding hosting that we give them to best suit their needs. We are an expert at web related services, and hosting is one them.

Choose us for web hosting in Nepal for the following reasons:

Trustworthy Company

You can trust us to offer you not just top quality hosting service, but also the advice regarding the right kind of hosting package that you’d require for your website. Since we’re an expert at web development and design, you can trust us with our knowledge regarding web hosting. We’ll offer the right package for you, with all the features that will ensure that your website functions in the best possible way.

Trust is something that is gained with a lot of effort and dedication at work. Even in our case, our clients have been with us for long, and they trust us because of the kind of service we’ve offered them. When you choose to take web hosting services from us, well, you might be a little shaky at first, bit in time, after we’ve served you for a significant duration, you’ll realize that you’ve made the right choice.

Affordable Company

Web Hosting cost in Nepal is a tricky thing. It’s not the same in all cases, as it depends on the package that you’re choosing for your website. The more advanced and high end the features, the higher the price. A lot of companies either tend to over spend on hosting, and waste their resources, or under spend on hosting, ultimately hampering their website’s performance.

This happens when they go for a hosting package blindly, without considering the features of their website. We will offer you the hosting packages, with the features best suited for you, at a very affordable cost. Also, we’d want you to take an informed decision, and so we’ll give you all the information regarding a certain package, before you pay for it.

Responsible Company

Web Hosting Nepal is a kind of service that is taken for granted by many. All that the companies do is assist you with hosting during the time of purchase, and for the rest of the year, they’re nowhere to be found. But we, on the other hand, tend to keep a track of your hosting status. We’ll inform you instantly if something is going to adversely affect the performance your website, and suggest you the steps that you need to take.

Depending on the number of visitors, a lot of times you need to upgrade your service, and if you don’t do, the users can’t open your website. In such situations, we act responsibly and take the necessary steps to take care of the issue. Similarly at times, you could down grade the service and save your resources, we’d inform you about that as well.

Choose us for all kinds of web hosting services in Nepal. We’ll offer you the best web hosting in Nepal at a great web hosting cost in Nepal. It’s for a reason that we are one of the best web hosting companies in Nepal.

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