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Website Support & Maintenance in Nepal


Mega Web Link is known for many website related services, one of which is Website Support and Maintenance in Nepal. We understand how important of a job is offering support and maintenance in the context of a website. When you don’t take maintenance and support seriously, you’re putting the functionality of your website at risk.


Keeping the same thing in mind, we offer the best website support in Nepal. We also make sure to provide you a high quality website maintenance in Nepal. When you take website design service from us, even after our work is done, we offer you website support and maintenance service to make sure that the website is in its best shape.


List of services provided under Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance Service is generally offered when the website doesn’t function the way it’s meant to. There are so many services that we offer under the Support and Maintenance category, and the following are just a few of them, quite like the tip of an iceberg.


Renew Hosting and Domain Registration

A lot of times the website doesn’t open when you type in its address on the address bar and press enter. And what appears in front of you is an expiry message, indicating that the domain name or hosting services need to be renewed. Well, when such situations occur, you could simply give us a call, and within moments, your website will be up and running.


Hosting Upgrade

In case you’ve chosen a hosting service that is not able to handle the number of visitors it receives in a day, or at any given moment, it’s time that you upgrade it. Also, at times, you might want to upload a certain piece of content on your website, but you’re not able to. This indicates that you’re out of storage space, and that you need to upgrade your service. Whatever the case, just let us know, and within a couple of minutes, we will upgrade the hosting service for you, and everything will be the way it was.


Work on HTML/ CSS

Sometimes when you open your website, you might feel that the text doesn’t appear as clear as it’s meant to, it’s misplaced or overlapped by other text or image. Similarly, you might notice the design or images at certain places flicker. This indicates that someone needs to look into the CSS or HTML codes as soon as possible and make everything display normally. Anytime you notice a problem like this, let us know, and our experts will solve the issue in no time.

Work on Programming

Website users, a lot of times, complain about the website being too slow, or a certain page not opening. In the same way, after they’ve opened the site, and when they try to click on a button, they’re not able to do so. All this indicates that there might be an issue related to programming. Well, in such a scenario, it’s crucial to look into the codes, and work on them. Sometimes, when the website behaves in that way, it could be the fault of the browser or the computer as well. So, we tend to look into the matter in depth and come up with a solution at the shortest amount of time possible.

Update or Change Information

A lot of times you might want us to change certain things on the website. Sometimes you might want us to add pictures, or get rid of few. In the same way, there could be some urgent notice that you might want to display on your website for the people to know. In situations as such, you can totally rely on us. We will update or change the information, and add or remove all forms of media, on your website anytime you want, and as many times as you need.


Technical Support via Call or Email

We also offer solutions to certain types of problems that you could handle yourself via call or email. Many times when a website doesn’t function well, the fault is actually in your browser. So, when you call us or write to ask asking us what to do, we would guide you through the simplest of steps and help you find the solution. We encourage you to talk to us every time you come across problems, because this way you don’t just understand the nature of the problem, but also discover the way to get rid of it.


Update the Overall Website

You website has to perform well on various platforms, one out of which is Google, both the browser and search engine, as the majority of people around the world use it. And the company tends to update its website and the browser almost every other year. So, it becomes crucial for the web developers to update their website to match that of Google and other platforms, and be compatible to them. And keeping the same thing in mind, we continuously work on your website.



Why Choose Us

One of the main reasons for choosing us is that we care about the kind of services that we’re offering our customers, and their satisfaction. Along with that, the performance of their website also matters to us the most. That’s the reason why we emphasize so much on website support and maintenance in Nepal. We want to ensure that it always works in the best possible way. Undoubtedly, we offer the best website support and maintenance service in Nepal.


Another reason why you must choose us for website support in Nepal and website maintenance in Nepal is because we have the best team in hand. Our office is composed of the most experienced and talented professionals, who know ins and outs of a website. They understand what our clients need and what needs to be done to please them. Most importantly, they’re experts at making the website function in any given scenario and platform, and so you can say that you’re in the best hands.


Choose us for all kinds of website maintenance and support in Nepal. You’d want to work with us time and again, and that’s a guarantee.

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